Freelance technology writer helping users to get more efficient with the apps they use and learn more about the broader industry

Hi, my name is Danny.

I have spent over five years making complex tech-related topics easy to understand. My writing spans from analytical insight articles to how-to guides. 

As a freelance technology writer, I believe it is my duty to: 

  • Help users get the most out of the technology they use daily; 
  • Empower buyers to make better purchasing decisions; 
  • Inspire other entrepreneurs by showing and explaining tech industry insights. 

Do you have similar objectives? 

If you answered yes, we could well be a great match for one another. And if you didn’t, then we won’t 🙂

I have worked with…

Published work includes…

How Has Spotify Stayed Successful in Music Streaming?


Why Is Android Losing So Many Users to iPhone?


Why Did LG Fail With Its Smartphones?


Should You Be Worried About Governments Requesting Data?



“Danny delivered compelling and engaging consumer copy across several assets. He is also very good at interpreting a brief and has conviction in the work he delivers. I would recommend him to any business looking for a strong copywriter.”

Suzanne Lee, Crayon Noir Creatives

“Danny was able to work independently and prioritise the right items to publish on our site each day. He is also adept at creating a variety of content, from news to interviews and more in-depth insight pieces. He is competent and delivers on tasks; we’ve enjoyed working with him!”

Lee-Ann Johnstone, AffiliateInsider

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