About Me

Four months into my first job after graduating from university, I started to feel a little fed up and booked a last-minute trip to Copenhagen. At the time, I had no idea that visit would change the entire trajectory of my life.

I now call Denmark’s capital my home and continue to have a burning passion for the Nordic region. With years of life and creative experience under my belt, I’m now in a position to share my experiences with others.

I’m about much more than words, though. I cannot stand reading articles with unappealing pictures, which has led to me seeking to provide the best possible experience for readers. I have honed my photography skills to provide interesting visuals alongside my in-depth Nordic guides, while also sharing what I learn about the creative process to help others excel in sharing their art.

But who *exactly* am I?

I’m Danny Maiorca. I grew up in London, England, and had a brief stint in Sweden before settling in Denmark.

Professionally, I have always been a writer. I worked for two companies in-house in the UK before opting for the freelance route. In my first few years as a freelancer, I dabbled in several fields, especially within the tech sector, before realising that I’m most knowledgeable about creativity and Northern Europe. “Why on earth would I not want to write about those topics?”, I said to myself—which brings us to the present day.

As for my Nordic love affair, I returned to London after that Copenhagen trip feeling like something was missing. Having seen how the Danes live, it was almost impossible for me to go back to the fast-paced and in-your-face nature of a megacity.

Over the next few years, I travelled extensively throughout Europe. However, I always returned to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark—with a bit of Iceland and Finland thrown in for good measure. These countries have given me so much, and I feel like it’s my duty to share the wonders of this unique corner of the globe with others.

As I travelled more, I became interested in documenting my journeys with more than a smartphone. Since then, photography has become a significant part of my life. I made a lot of mistakes as a beginner, which is why I feel like I have a responsibility to share these experiences and help others improve—especially with my writing background.

So, that’s where we are! I hope that you find the content I post here useful. If you want to work with me, visit this page to discover the services I offer.

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