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I’m going to be honest – I became a freelance technology writer sort of by accident. It was November 2016 and I was in my first post-university job (shoutout to Paysafe, because I loved working there and had the best colleagues ever). After the company acquired a B2B software company based in Canada, I was promoted to become a copywriter for them. Not only did that begin my B2B SaaS journey; it was also the start of me seemingly meeting every Canadian on the planet, despite never properly visiting the country.

Soon, I grew fascinated by the idea of making complicated and ‘boring’ topics sound interesting. Partially because I’m a borderline psychopath who gets a kick out of challenging situations, as you’ll find out further down this page with the languages I’m learning.

After two years at Paysafe, I left for a marketing specialist role in another London-based business. Basically, I was their content manager.

That job change came at a challenging period in my life. Living in London was eating away at my soul and sanity, and I became insufferable to be around. I didn’t just crave change – I needed it. Both for my own good, and for the people in my life.

In December 2018, I went to Iceland and saw a statue of a businessman with a concrete block on his head. That explained how I was feeling at that time better than any words could. Fast forward to July 2019 and I had left my job and stepped into freelancing. At the same time, I moved to Stockholm. I bit off more than I could chew doing both of these at the same time, leading me back to London to get my head down and focus on growing my business.

Moving to Stockholm didn’t work out, but was an essential part of what happened next.

And then, 2020 happened. 🤐

I only intended to stay in London for 3-4 months. However, we all know what happened next. As the nation plunged into the first of its 80,000 lockdowns, I had an opportunity to get my head down and lay the foundations for my future. After building new relationships, learning *a lot* about myself and getting to grips with freelance writing, I was ready to go again.

I had actually spent most of 2020 planning to move to Norway, but their borders didn’t open. When a window of sanity opened and the opportunity to move to Copenhagen arose, I didn’t think twice about it. Best decision of my life.

I would say that’s where the story ends. But it isn’t. Because that would be boring, wouldn’t it? 

As I rebuilt my freelance business under the dark, grey winter Copenhagen skies, I began writing more and more about technology. And as it goes, I quite liked it. 

Other people liked my work, too, and more of them started hiring me. Funny, that – almost like doing something you’re interested in will lead to better results in the long run? 

Okay, now we’re up to the present day. Hi 🙂

Useless facts to prove that I’m a human being and not a well-dressed robot

My favourite city is: Copenhagen, just in case you hadn’t already gathered

Things I love doing include: Strength training at the gym, photography in Scandinavia and going for long cycling trips

My favourite countries are: Norway, Iceland and Finland

I can speak: English (native), Norwegian and a decent level of Swedish

I am learning: Danish and Finnish (I told you I enjoy difficult things for the sake of them)

In the future, I will also be able to speak: Italian, German and Dutch. Maybe Estonian and Korean too, because fun

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