Photo of Danny Maiorca

(Yes, I did take inspiration for this layout from Ali Abdaal’s website 🙂)

👨🏾‍💻 I’ve been interested in literature ever since I was young, and I could already read before I went to school; I used to take coffee table-sized in a huge backpack to show others. I studied sports journalism at university before getting my first job as a content writer for Paysafe straight after graduating. 

🗣️ I love nothing more than having intellectual conversations with others and exploring new ideas. I try to share my wisdom from life wherever possible, and – as you’ll see if you check out my channel – YouTube is one of my main avenues for doing so. 

🇬🇧 I grew up in the UK, and English is my native language. So yeah – if you want someone who talks with an English accent to give your content a little more authority, feel free to dive into my DMs. 

🇩🇰: I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have done so since September 2020; I will settle in the Danish capital permanently. Moving abroad has helped build on my previous remote working skills, which I acquired from collaborating with my teams based in Canada and Bulgaria at the two full-time jobs I held before freelancing.

🇳🇴: In addition to English, I speak C1-level Norwegian – something I taught myself through textbooks, podcasts, traveling to Norway multiple times, and YouTube videos. I can also understand B2-level Danish. 

🏋🏾‍♂️: I’m passionate about many things, including photography and fitness. I spend most of my spare time taking photos and cycling, and I do CrossFit five times per week. 

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