I’ve always loved taking pictures at heart. Growing up in London, I regularly took my camera to football matches – much to the bemusement of others. And whenever we’d go on trips to the North of England, I would enjoy using my mum’s camera to capture the stunning natural landscapes. 

I also took photography for my A-Levels, but quickly dropped it because I felt like not enough of the course was about taking pictures. 

Dropping photography from my A-Levels started a six-year-long stint in the wilderness. I picked up writing instead and studied sports journalism at university. After that, I began a writing career – first in two full-time jobs, before becoming a freelancer. 

When I started my first post-university job, I began travelling on my own. I became enthralled with capturing my adventures on my phone and sharing them with my friends on Instagram. In 2017, I took my mum’s camera – the same camera I used on those trips to Northern England as a youngster – to Prague. That trip rekindled my love for photography, and I haven’t looked back since. 

After spending the next year or so mainly using my smartphone, I got my first proper camera – a Nikon D3400 – as an early Christmas gift in December 2018. It came with me to Iceland that month; my passion for showing the world through my eyes has grown ever since. 

In September 2020, I moved to Copenhagen – my favourite city in the world. Most of my weekends involve taking my FujiFilm camera to the streets of Denmark’s capital and trying to do it justice (spoiler alert: it’s an ever-ongoing work in progress). 

After gaining a significant amount of photography experience, I began to enjoy sharing what I learn – and not just the pictures themselves. I do this through writing, video, and giving my followers a behind-the-scenes peek into my projects. 

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